When Should We Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

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You may be unsure of whether you will need your wisdom teeth removed, especially if they aren’t causing any pain. Unfortunately, even if the presence of your wisdom teeth does not cause any pain or irritation, that does not mean removal isn’t necessary. There are many reasons to have the teeth removed other than discomfort—an impacted tooth, crowding, or infection. By regularly visiting a dentist, allowing them to evaluate the state of your teeth and identify any of these issues, your dentist will be able to determine when a wisdom tooth removal is essential for you.


One scenario in which you would need your wisdom teeth removed is if they are unable to emerge from your gums, making them trapped or impacted within your jaw. This can cause various issues, including the formation of cysts around the tooth. This can then damage the surrounding nerves, roots, and bone. Another problem that an impacted wisdom tooth can cause is damage to other teeth. If the tooth is unable to erupt, it may push the nearby teeth, crowding them and producing bite problems.

A wisdom tooth removal may also be necessary if the tooth can only emerge partially through the gums. A partial eruption can cause gum disease and cavities, since gum inflammation from the tooth creates an environment in which bacteria can easily grow. The inflamed gums also make it more difficult to maintain oral hygiene, worsening the problems. To best avoid these issues, you should continue attending routine dental visits, enabling your dentist to regularly evaluate your needs.


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