Springtime Braces!

Academy Dental is a warm, inviting SPA-themed dentist facility in Hamilton, and is rated as one of the best places by Hulafrog for dental treatment. Dr. Navleen Thind, D.D.S. is a trusted dentist who practices adults and kids’ dentistry, along with Dr. Steven Reff, Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist) and Dr. Gunjan Parmar. Today, Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist) is sharing his top secrets to help you live a life full of happy, healthy and grateful dental experiences.

Everyone loves to look beautiful and be appreciated for their looks. Braces or Invisalign treatment can give you and your family a very impressive, and happy smile for life. Spring time brings new and enhanced energy into our lives, and we look forward to execute our cherished goals we so much have been looking forward to. Feeling beautiful is a wonderful thing, it uplifts your self-esteem and creates a positive reinforcement of can-do attitude. Today, Dr. Puri (Orthodontist) provides his top 4 tips to getting started on your own journey to success, which is full of happiness, health and straight teeth for life.


  1. First Things First: Orthodontic treatment is not only for children, adults also benefit from it tremendously by realigning their teeth. Invisalign is a great treatment to offer the benefits if you qualify, with the added advantage of cosmetically appealing clear braces which are suitable for work, as well as social situations. Children, on the other hand, start early in their school years, and sometimes as late as when in college. Dr. Pankaj Puri offers full comprehensive Orthodontic treatment for all ages, and is always looking forward to meet new families who need guidance on starting their journey for a healthy smile.


  1. Convenience: Orthodontic treatment is often a long treatment spanning from one to two years, or in some cases a little more. Convenience is one of the main factors which patients look for when selecting a provider. Academy Dental is open 7 days a week for any dental emergencies, and is able to complement Dr. Pankaj Puri’s clinical hours every month with added peace of mind of emergency coverage. Emergencies happen, and knowing you have someone who cares for you, and is available to provide assistance on most days – can help you achieve your goal with greater ease! When you head out of town this summer on vacation, keep your Orthodontist practice’s number handy, but also pack and emergency kit with you. Try to bring tweezers, nail clipper, and some orthodontic wax in order to help guide a loose wire should you need to.


  1. Keeping on Track: Most important in any Braces or Invisalign treatment is to stay in touch! Staying in touch with your Orthodontist office for monthly appointment visits is critical to achieving long-lasting beautiful results. Most offices may call you or provide you with an appointment reminder so you can mark your calendars. Academy Dental has invested in automatic reminder systems which track your appointments schedule, and automatically keep you in the loop. You will never miss an appointment with us! Should emergencies happen, we keep track of your treatment plan, and reach out to you proactively so you can be back on your journey! When selecting your braces provider, it is important to also research their office scheduling and reminder systems, to ensure they are setup to care for your beautiful smile just the way you do!


  1. The Secret: What if you could have braces that do not cost a fortune? Academy Dental loves their patients and has a program that makes the entire program accessible to everyone, including students to fund on their own! It starts with trust, and offering special payment plans that skip the traditional financing offers which come with higher interest charges. Direct payment to Academy Dental for your braces reduce all overheads, and most patients can access the entire braces treatment for under $6.16 a day. What’s even better? You choose your style – clear/Invisalign or traditional wire based braces. Call our office today and speak with our office manager about this great offer.



Navleen Thind Dr. Navleen Thind is a highly trained dentist practicing in Hamilon, NJ.

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