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Dr. Thind is available as a Emergency Dentist to help her patients in Hamilton, East Orange, Robbinsville, Bordentown, Lawrenceville, Elizabeth, Trenton, and Newark, New Jersey for dental treatments that require emergency services. Waiting on a dental emergency can cause more damage that could otherwise be avoided with immediate treatment.

Dental Emergency Q & A

When Should I See an Emergency Dentist?

If a dental problem requires immediate attention to alleviate severe pain, stop tissue bleeding, or save a tooth, it is considered to be a dental emergency and you should see an Emergency Dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth has become damaged, a crown or filling has fallen out, or if the gums are swollen you should also proceed to the dentist promptly. Any severe infections or an abscessed tooth in the mouth could possibly be life-threatening and should see your dentist immediately.

What if my Tooth was Broken or Knocked Out?

If your tooth has been knocked-out or partially dislodged from a traumatic episode it should be addressed immediately. If the tooth has been completely knocked loose, be sure to save it if possible. Teeth that have been knocked out have the highest chances of survival by seeing a dentist within the first hour after being knocked out.

What if I Lost a Crown or a Filling?

Many patients have experienced the inconvenience and frustration of having a crown or filling come loose. Leaving it off could damage the underlying structure and more than likely be painful. A temporary crown/filling will be applied until the a more permanent replacement can be attached at a later date.   

What if I Have an Abscess?

Abscesses occur in the sensitive spacing between the teeth and gums where infection can be born. If left untreated serious damage to the tissues and surrounding teeth, with the possibility of infection, can spread. Get treatment immediately if you discover a pimple-like swelling on your gum that usually is painful.

What if my Mouth is Bleeding?

The soft tissue is sensitive and susceptible to injury. Areas such as the tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips, can result in bleeding if damaged. Uncontrollable bleeding and bleeding that does not stop, should be addressed by a professional immediately.


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