Protecting Your Smile When Playing Sports 

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Academy Dental is a warm, inviting SPA-themed dentist facility in Hamilton, and is rated as one of the best places by Hulafrog for dental treatment. Dr. Navleen Thind, D.D.S. is a trusted dentist who practices adults and kids’ dentistry, along with Dr. Steven Reff, Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist) and Dr. Roshanjit Kaur.  

You would never play football without wearing a helmet to protect your head, so why would you play a potentially dangerous sport without protecting your mouth as well? When participating in any sport that could lead to contact with other players, bats, balls, or sticks, you should be taking appropriate protective measures for your teeth. These sports include basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, skiing, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. To prevent your teeth from chipping, cracking, or getting knocked out, as well as to avoid jaw injuries, there are multiple products we recommend using to protect your smile:

Wearing a mouth guard is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to protect yourself from sustaining any damage to your teeth as a result of face or head injuries. Mouth guards come in many varieties, which allows you to pick the best fit based on comfort, price, and accessibility; you can buy generic, boil-and-bite, or customized mouth guards created by a dentist. In protecting your mouth from injury you are also protecting yourself from having to pay the bill for a dental emergency. This is especially relevant if you have already received other dental treatments, such as braces, and want to protect your amazing smile in which you have already invested a lot of money. 

You can also protect your teeth and jaw by wearing a helmet for certain sports. Helmets will absorb any impact to the head, preventing head, jaw, and mouth injuries. This means that wearing a helmet can prevent losing or damaging your teeth altogether. Protecting your smile when playing sports is not only super important, but also super easy!

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Navleen Thind Dr. Navleen Thind is a highly trained dentist practicing in Hamilon, NJ.

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