Mouthguards Help Prevent Injury 


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Dental emergencies can be scary, costly, and should be avoided as often as possible. One of the most effective, and easiest, steps you can take to prevent injury is simply wearing a mouthguard. Today we will be talking about how mouthguards function, which enables them to serve as a great device to prevent and minimize dental injuries: 

While mouthguards come in many types, all varieties assist in preventing injury to your mouth, teeth, lips, and cheeks. Specifically, mouthguards work by creating a protective barrier between your mouth and the force you come in contact with. This helps by absorbing the impact to the mouth, significantly reducing the amount of force placed on your teeth and jaw.  

By choosing to not wear a mouthguard during participation of contact and collision sports, such as boxing or field hockey, you are increasing your risk of dental injuries. These injuries include chipped or knocked out teeth, fractured jaws, or lip and cheek injuries, which are especially likely if you have braces. Lost teeth will require undergoing treatment to either re-implant the tooth, or implant a fake tooth. Jaw injuries require more intense treatment, including surgery, or even hospitalization and wiring the jaw shut for 30 days. Thus, the consequences of not wearing a mouth guard will be straining, both on your body and on your wallet. 

While some dental emergencies are difficult to avoid, many can be circumvented by wearing appropriate protection, specifically a mouthguard. If you participate in any contact activities, you should consider purchasing a mouthguard to prevent injury to your mouth.  

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Navleen Thind Dr. Navleen Thind is a highly trained dentist practicing in Hamilon, NJ.

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