How to Make Flossing Less Annoying 

Dental Flossing

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Flossing is an extremely important step to include in your dental care routine, since it can improve your dental hygiene, reduce the likelihood of cavities, and prevent gum disease. Despite the importance of flossing, the activity of flossing once a day often feels like a chore, which means you may be avoiding doing it as often as suggested. The benefits of flossing make it necessary, no matter how annoying, so at Academy Dental we have compiled a list of ways to increase your motivation to floss: 


  1. Find the best technique for you: There are numerous different types of floss, and testing different techniques until you find your favorite is a great way to make flossing more enjoyable. In addition to traditional floss, there are waxed and mint flavored floss alternatives, which may make flossing more pleasant and leave you feeling fresh! There are also floss picks, which make the act of flossing easier, as well as water picks, which provide a completely new way to floss if the other options are still not ideal. 
  2. Set reminders: Having a routine is key to make flossing a habit, rather than an annoying chore that you avoid completing. Therefore, you should choose a time to floss everyday, either in the morning to start the day feeling great, or at night when you can dedicate more time. Then, using post-its or phone notifications, remind yourself to floss at that time everyday.
  3. Track and reward your progress: When you start your new flossing routine, take note of the day you start and each day after that you stick to the routine. While trying to integrate the act of flossing into your daily schedule, set up a way to reward yourself for regularly flossing. By doing so, you will not only feel a better sense of achievement and motivation, but your flossing habits will also improve your dental hygiene and make you healthier overall! 

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