Caring for Your Dental Health During COVID-19 

Reopen again

 Academy Dental is a warm, inviting SPA-themed dentist facility in Hamilton, and is rated as one of the best places by Hulafrog for dental treatment. Dr. Navleen Thind, D.D.S. is a trusted dentist who practices adults and kids’ dentistry, along with Dr. Steven Reff, Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist) and Dr. Roshanjit Kaur.  

At Academy Dental, we believe that any dental problems or concerns you have should be addressed as soon as necessary. This is why we are still available for certain procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. While, during the height of the pandemic we only took emergency visits, we are also now scheduling surgeries and limited cleanings. This means that your smile can still shine, even while you are wearing a mask!

To ensure the safety of our patients, we are taking extra precautions to maintain cleanliness and to avoid possible spread of sickness. We are limiting which appointments are scheduled, allowing us to space out appointments and clean more thoroughly between patients. Additionally, we have places hand-sanitizing stations in every room of our office and have a cleaning company come frequently to completely sanitize our rooms.  

Patients are also required to fill out a questionnaire before their appointments, regarding possible exposure or symptoms. With this information, we can ask patients with fevers or who traveled internationally to reschedule in six weeks, if possible. In addition, every team member wears 3 levels of protection—an N95 mask, surgical mask, and face shield—to minimize chances of spread, as well as well as full body PPE gowns, gloves, goggles, and hair covers. Overall, we can ensure that when you visit, the safety of you and our staff is always a priority. 

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PS: We have payment plans available, and financing for making them affordable to everyone. 

Navleen Thind Dr. Navleen Thind is a highly trained dentist practicing in Hamilon, NJ.

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